We will give you fast, friendly, and personalized service with proven results.

Take a look at these qualities that make Med-Tech Medical Billing add up to a large, valuable asset to your daily, weekly, and monthly office duty management. Outsourcing your medical billing services is a sensible, conservative alternative that yields big returns:

Med-Tech Medical Billing is in complete compliance with HIPAA regulations for patient confidentiality.

Client confidentiality is prioritized and protected.

Local service means local accessibility. We welcome appointments for in-office visits.

While we handle large accounts, no account is too small. We offer fast, friendly, personalized service with speedy return calls and a staff that understands and addresses your account needs.

With our team approach, you will receive service 5 days a week, 52 weeks per year.

Your valuable time is used in the way it should be: delivering vital services to your patients. Leave the tedious busywork to us, like processing claims, and making unpredictable cash flow more predictable.

Electronic claims are paid within an average of 7 to 14 calendar days after submission.

Office personnel experience increased productivity, higher morale and greater job satisfaction as a result of reduced paperwork. Most employees choose a medical-related field for the rewards of helping others and belonging to a team that does so. Together, we will help them make this choice a worthwhile investment of both their and your time.

Customized, detailed financial reports give you greater control and effectiveness in the financial affairs of your practice. This allows for more informed practice management decisions.

In-house expenses are drastically reduced and/or eliminated, increasing your profit margin. Reduce the cost of software, hardware, equipment maintenance, forms, and postage. Eliminate staffing issues such as turnover, training costs, payroll and benefits.

The expenses of purchasing, upgrading and maintaining computer equipment and billing software are no longer on your budget list.

Courteous and professional telephone assistance is given to patients.

Since we specialize in our services, your office staff is relieved of telephone traffic, communicating with and handling correspondence from insurance companies, and the hassle of following up on claims.

Our follow-up process includes follow-through, so your claims are processed completely in the event of a denial.

Real-world expertise and background lay the foundation for our experience, rounding out and augmenting the formal training of our specialists.

We stay apprised of industry trends to provide the most efficient, effective, reliable service to you.

We are a SWAM-owned business: Small, Woman, and Minority Owned. This is a strong benefit and positive statement to your community, greater in some locales than others.

Established principles and practices, along with active participation in the industry help insure Med Tech Medical Billing will be available now and in the future for your medical billing service needs.

As you can see, major operational efficiencies can be achieved by outsourcing all or part of your medical billing services to Med-Tech Medical Billing. We're in the business of saving you time and money.

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